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MWBE Certification
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Our team offers a comprehensive solution designed to help clients with their MWBE needs, creating a customized approach that best meets their business model and objectives. We navigate the complex MWBE certification process and cut through the red tape, having a solid record of reducing application submission time and expediting approvals, for both private and public sector certifications including federal, state, and municipalities.

Our Specialty

WE create client-centric certification strategies based on client short and long term goals and procurement needs.

our staff

WE connect our clients with the key decision-makers including supplier diversity professionals, procurement officers, and companies seeking MWBE partners to fulfill their project goal requirements.

our plans

WE develop and implement strategies that support client sales and growth objectives focused on responding to RFPs and BIDS, providing technical assistance, and matchmaking.


MWBE Certifications provide ACCESS. Certifications provide businesses with exclusive access to purchasing agents, networking events, searchable databases, as well as access to capital. They also provide businesses with a competitive advantage, providing credibility while setting their unique product or service apart from the rest.

Access to Contracts

Public and private sector contracts are allocated to businesses that have specific designations such as minority, woman, veteran, disabled, or LGBTQ. Businesses must be certificated to be eligible for these set-aside contracts.

Boost Online Visibility

Certifying agencies as well as private organizations publish lists of certified companies. Many organizations access these lists to find certified businesses.


Once a business obtains the certification, they can begin soliciting contracts with public and private sector entities. They can attend trade fairs and join business organizations to take advantage of the opportunities that they provide, including meeting with corporate and government buyers.

Marketing & Branding

Certifications can help boost a company’s branding efforts. Upon getting certified, they are able to add the certification logo on their website, email signature, business cards, and any other collateral materials.
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